Life lately, since my laparoscopy last week, has been a lot about trying to get time to pass quicker. With my post-op appointment still over a week away, my mind is constantly thinking about surgery & getting pregnant. When my husband and mom told me after surgery that the doctor was able to open my tubes and said I have a good chance at getting pregnant naturally/fertility drugs, I was happy, ecstatic, and content. That lasted about 24 hours before my mind was back at it, thinking that my tubes being open doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily ovulate, which means femara…. which is a whole can of worms that doesn’t equal a baby, either. So I’ve done a million Google searches for ovulation after opening tubes, if blocked tubes cause you not to ovulate at all and that’s why I never get a positive OPK, etc. I have a million questions in my head, but I also feel like I don’t exactly know what to ask my doctor other than, what’s next??

So I’ve been trying to keep somewhat busy. Here’s what’s been going on lately, other than in infertility world.

Flowers1. These flowers that my mom and dad sent me for Get Well Soon / Easter. They are gorgeous and gave us a bit of bright, Spring time sunshine while it snowed all day on our Easter Sunday. Flowers never show up at my door so this was quite an exciting surprise!

Snowy Lake2. On Easter Sunday my dad came down, we live an hour from my parents, and brought their dog (MY dog still, we got her when I was in high school but it’s so confusing because the hubbs and I have a dog of our own 🙂 ) and we all went for a walk. We have this great trail in our town that ends up at this “lake” which is really more like a pond. I grew up on Lake Ontario so this is definitely not a lake. Anyways, it snowed the whole time we walked 4 miles and there was already snow on the ground that had fallen overnight. Definitely didn’t feel like Spring but we had a really great walk.

3. Baseball season is upon us! We are big Red Sox fans. My husband grew up just outside of Boston (he grew up less than 5 miles from Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots play) and after we met, he brought me on board to cheer for all the Boston sports teams… it’s too much fun not to! Fun fact: the Red Sox played on our wedding night in 2013 and won after Shane Victorino hit a grand slam. That sent us to the World Series. We spent the nights on our honeymoon in Barbados cheering on the Red Sox (this didn’t bother me whatsoever, we had a blast) and the night we got home, we watched them win the world series! Happy hubbs. Also, I gave the hubbs an authentic Red Sox jersey as a wedding gift with our last name across the back… I don’t want to say that was what gave us the win later that day, but it’s possible! One of my favorite memories from our wedding/honeymoon!

4. With Spring here, we are itching to get outside and get to work on our yard. This will be our first Spring in our own home, so we have our work cut out for us! I want to grow lots of this. I love the way it looks potted and apparently it helps repel mosquitoes – maybe, a little…

5. Ok, ok, maybe TTC point… our house is 3 bedrooms, two up, one down. Upstairs is our master bedroom and a slightly smaller (but still very large) bedroom that is empty that will be our nursery… someday, soon (right???) Anyways, the nursery bedroom has had a bunch of boxes in the middle of it since we moved in and stuff strewn about. Before surgery, I cleaned it all up and vacuumed. I keep going in there, standing in the middle of the room and imagining where we would put our crib, changing table, big comfy chair, play mat, etc. I love it. Even the hubbs stood in there with me on day. I’ve been pinning images for years of nurseries that I love and when I’m in the middle of the room daydreaming, what’s in my head is something like this. I love a gray and white, light and airy nursery with a few pops of color. Love, love, love.


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